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About Your Bullion Buyers

Your Jewelry Buyers - We'll help you sell your jewelry for cash
Your Jewelry Buyers - We'll help you sell your jewelry for cash
Your Jewelry Buyers - We'll help you sell your jewelry for cash

American Eagle Jewelry & Coin is the Best place to sell your bullion to get Highest Prices Paid!

The bullion dealers at American Eagle Jewelry & Coin have dedicated their time and efforts to know the precious metals market. They have done business with the precious metals market for the last 10 years and have called Elmhurst their home since 2018. Most importantly, they have earned the reputation of being Chicagoland’s most trusted bullion buyers.

At American Eagle Jewelry & Coin, the bullion buyers give every client an honest evaluation and always offer the best prices possible. Above all, the process of selling your gold or selling your silver is quick and easy, and you get cash right on the spot, no matter the amount!

Furthermore, the bullion dealers at American Eagle Jewelry & Coin also know the market for gold and silver bullion that may have numismatic value. For example, gold bullion coins like the United States classic double eagle from 1933 and before, have the possibility of being worth more than gold because of the year, mintmark, and condition. Additionally, the buyers are well-versed with buying foreign bullion coinage like the South African Krugerrand, Chinese Panda, or Canadian Maple Leaf.

Lastly, it is a priority for the bullion dealers to give you the most cash for your collection, as well as to provide you with the best experience while selling your bullion. Set up an appointment now with the bullion dealers to schedule your free evaluation and see why they are known as Chicagoland’s most trusted bullion dealers!

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Gold Bullion

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  • American Silver Eagles

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  • Foriegn Silver Coins

Platinum Bullion

  • American Platinum Eagles

  • Platinum Coins & Medals

  • Generic Platinum Bullion

  • Foriegen Platinum Coins

Popular Bullion We Love To Buy

American Gold Eagles | American Silver Eagles | Gold Buffalos | St. Gaudens | Liberty Double Eagles | California Gold Pieces | U.S. Assay Office | U.S. Silver Dollars and Coins | Australian Koalas | Australian Kangaroos | Australian Kookaburras | Austrian Gold Philharmonics | Australian Silver Philharmonics | Canadian Gold Maple Leafs | Canadian Silver Maple Leafs | Chinese Gold Pandas | Chinese Silver Pandas | French Gold Francs | Mexican Gold Libertads | Mexican Silver Libertads | Mexican Gold Pesos | New Zealand Gold Kiwis | New Zealand Silver Kiwis | South African Gold Krugerands | South African Silver Krugerands | British Gold Sovereigns | British Gold Britannias | British Silver Britannias | PERTH Mint | Valcambi | APMEX | Johnson & Matthey | PAMP | Credit Suisse | Sunshine Mint | Ohio Precious Metals | RCM | Scottsdale Mint | Republic Metals | Englehard

Questions for the Bullion Buyers ?

If you have any questions about selling your bullion, we are here to help. Whether you are new to bullion and maybe not familiar with the process of selling bullion or a seasoned bullion stacker just looking for some quick answers, we will be happy to explain what we do and how we can help.

There are many factors our bullion buyers look at when evaluating your bullion. Most importantly, the price of gold, silver, and platinum is dependant on the current market price of each precious metal. When you come to see our bullion buyers at American Eagle Jewelry & Coin, we will take the most up to date spot price when you are with us in our showroom. Other factors that affect value can include the origin, condition, purity, rarity, demand, and more.

When you are ready to sell your gold, silver, or platinum bullion, please remember that our bullion buyers are here to help answer any of the questions you may have about selling your bullion and pay you cash on the spot.