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Paper Currency

Generally speaking, currency over 60+ years old has a more significant chance of being priced at more than just its’ face value. The demand, quantity of production, condition, year, and serial number are factors that affect the price. The appraisers at American Eagle Jewelry & Coin purchases paper money on a daily basis. For a free evaluation, bring your items into our showroom today.

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Coin and bank notes have some common ground. For example, both coin and bank notes possess more than just their face value. The year, condition, precious metal, mint mark, demand, and uniqueness are all factors on how much a coin can be worth. Due to the variety of factors that influence the price of coins, the appraisers can give an accurate evaluation of coins in person. Schedule an appointment today to get your items valued.

Types of Paper Currency

  • 1923 & Before
  • 1862 – 1876
  • Small Notes
  • Large Notes
  • 1957 & Before
  • $500
  • $1000
  • $5000
  • $10000
  • All Denominations