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There is a wide range of items that are considered collectible and that hold cash value. Items such as figurines, trinkets, memorabilia, family heirlooms, and much more have made their way into circulation for centuries. Due to these items being passed down for many years, means that the demand for specific pieces varies.

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Collectibles Silverware Set

As a result, it is highly recommended to bring all the items you want to get evaluated into the American Eagle Jewelry & Coin showroom for a proper appraisal. For your reference, there are examples of collectibles that bring high value on a daily basis below.

Types of Collectibles

  • Franklin Mint Sets

  • Cigarette Cases

  • Figurines

  • Lladros

  • Candelabras

  • Serving Sets

  • Sterling Flatware Sets

  • Water Pitchers

  • Lighters

  • War Memorabilia

  • Purses

  • Belt Buckles

  • Hair or Hat Pins

  • Cameos

  • Sports Memorablia

  • Comic Books

  • Crystal

  • Hummels

  • Shoes

  • Scarves